The Arthur Delamont Foundation is a for non-profit society which will be federally registered with Industry Canada as of September 2019. At present, it has one officer Christopher Best, Founder and CEO. Mr Best is an interim officer and will be stepping aside once the Foundation is fully operable. As the Foundation grows so will its staff and a board will be announced.

The sole purpose of the Foundation is to raise funds for public school music programs. A wide range of other benefits for music programs will be announced as the Foundation grows.

The Foundation’s primary fundraiser is The School Music Book Project. Two books will be published in the spring of 2020 on the Handsworth Secondary School Music Program in North Vancouver. These will be followed later with another book on the D.W. Poppy Secondary Music Program in Langley B.C.

Other fundraisers such as tours and dinners and other projects will help support the Foundation’s work while the School Music Book Project is gathering momentum. More music books will be started sometime in 2020. In lieu of hiring full-time staff and to keep costs down, a grad student will be hired to do the preliminary work for each book.

Donations are welcome as well. The usual tax receipts will be given out for non-profit societies. How fast the Foundation grows (number of books it can publish annually) depends on how much funding it receives in its early stages. To hire someone to work on one book for one month requires $2400. To hire ten people to work on ten books for one month requires $24,000. Each book requires approximately two months of preliminary work but it differs slightly from book to book depending on the material. It takes a year to complete one book from start to finish (books are published in the summer so they are ready in September when class resumes). The more books we have published the faster the Foundation will grow and be able to offer more schools fundraising opportunities. A published book will generate funds for the music program and funds to support the Foundation (see School Music Book Project).

An annual calendar of events sponsored by the Foundation will be posted on this website when the events have been decided.