Building Bridges

My name is Christopher Best the CEO and Publisher of METRO CANADA – CANADA’S CITY GUIDE and ONLINE MAGAZINE   METRO is made up of eight divisions and several companies, four in print media books, magazines, travel guides and city guides and four in communications a foundation, a celebrity jogging club, a movie production company and a TV production company. We started life as Vancouver Neighbourhood Guides twenty years ago and by summer 2023 METRO GUIDES and Metro Online will be in 40 towns and cities across B.C. In five years we will be in 200 towns and cities in five provinces across Canada.

We have started CLUB METRO made up of professional people who support the arts and the finer things in life such as travelling to Riviera’s. They also all support public school music education. By summer 2023 we will have a membership of 100,000 professionals across British Columbia. In five years we will have a membership of 500.000 in five provinces.

We needed a fundraiser to support public school music programs and to offer to our membership so we came up with The Riviera Book. You can read on our website what makes the book unique. We promote The Riviera‘s of the world and the Book on our website. We will also be promoting on our website our ten hotel partners one for each article in this first edition of The Riviera Book. They will become our hotel of choice in each Riviera we profile in our articles.

So enjoy Metro Guides and enjoy The Riviera Book.

The Arthur W. Delamont Foundation

supporting public school music programs

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