How do I get a book on my Fine Arts program like Handsworth Music?

It’s easy! It won’t be exactly like Handsworth’s because no two books are the same but it will be just as nice and reflect your special program.

First, you need to bring together an alumni group. The size of the alumni group dictates how many copies of your book we can print.

100 alumni 250 books

200 alumni 500 books

300 alumni 750 books

400 alumni 1000 books

*The alumni have to agree to purchase a copy of your book for $50 when published. When that time comes there will be a book launch and alumni can get their book at the launch or have it mailed for an additional $20.

The number of alumni in your group is important because it not only dictates how many books can be printed but whether or not you can have your own book launch or need to be a part of a group book launch of three or four books. You only get your own book launch if your alumni group is 400 or more. If your group is 300 then you have to have to be part of a two-book launch which is fine.

But the most important reason for getting as many people into your alumni and friends group is how much you can fundraise for your school’s fine arts/music program.

400 books you raise $25,000

300 books you raise $17,500

200 books you raise $10,000

100 books you raise $5,000

*The ultimate goal is to have an alumni group of 1000. Then, you can raise $50,000

Now that the fundraising, book launch and alumni group have been mentioned we need to compile a book to publish.



As I said, every book will be inherently different but they will also differ due to the amount of content you have to include in your book. If you have scrapbooks on the program from years gone by that is the best place to start. You may need to search out scrapbooks from your alumni.

If your program doesn’t have any scrapbooks then you need to start one and save anything pertinent to your program that could go in a book. How long it will take you to get enough material to have a book this way depends on how resourceful you are and energetic and can source out material. Maybe get your students involved. Be creative.


Parents are another good source of history, memorabilia, photos and scrapbooks. They are also another good source to grow your alumni and friends group.


Once you have your book and had your book launch and raised $25,000 or more for your program you need to do it again every year and then it becomes an annual fundraiser for your program. Money in the bank that you can count on each year.

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