Continuing my posts of bands that inspire in the tradition of the VKBB, this band I find truly inspirational on many levels. I don’t know much about them and again they are from the American south which has had a great tradition of bands in its high schools and colleges forever. They are called the JDHS Band which stands for Jefferson Davis High School (they are in the process of selecting a new name). Here is what it says about them on their Facebook page.

The JDHS Band has been one of the most innovative and entertaining bands in the South East for years. Known in our hometown of Montgomery Alabama as the “Pride of the Capitol City” Guaranteed to “SHOW UP AND SHOW OUT”

Band Director: Mr. Brandon Howard

I don’t know much about them and there isn’t a lot on their Facebook page nor do they have a website but then neither did the VKBB until many years after it ended.

Why do I find it inspirational? Well, any band that posts a note from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is inspirational in my book.

Another reason I find them inspirational is they have a white drum major or had. He received lots of publicity which he and the school handled magnificently.

They definitely travel around the US to Washington DC, Disneyworld and New York City.

I’m going to try and find out more about this band. Until then check out their Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/JDHSMarchingBand/

*They have also appeared on America’s Got Talent. Check out their YouTube video.

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