To read a synopsis on any book, you soon be able to click on the covers. To order any book send an E transfer for the amount plus $20 anywhere in Canada to Warfleet Press is the official publisher for the foundation.

$49.95, 360 pages, coffee table H/C, This is our most popular book on the band.
$29.95, S/C, This book is an overview of the band story.
$39.95, S/C, 400 pages, This book profiles some of the more famous boys who came out of the band.
$29.95, S/C, This book profiles some of the boys from the fifties.
$29.95, S/C, This book profiles the boys of the sixties and seventies bands.
$39.95, S/C, This book contains over 500 photos as well as trip itineraries and a collection of ten Vaudeville posters N/A in the coffee table book.
$39.95 S/C This book at 330 pages, profiles 23 respected, career B.C. music educators.
$49.95 S/C The 87th Anniversary issue of the Kitsilano Showboat.
$49.95 S/C The only book in print on the B.C. Beefeater Band, the official showband of the B.C. Lions FC.


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$49.95, S/C, Handsworth Music Dynasty Book 1.
$49.95, S/C, Handsworth Music Dynasty Book 2.

The Arthur W. Delamont Foundation

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