The Arthur W. Delamont Club

Above: Our November 16 book launch and Lifetime Achievement Awards

The first picture above is of the iconic Vancouver Club in downtown Vancouver. Next door and the second larger picture, is the Terminal City Club our home away from home for our annual book launch, and Lifetime Achievement Awards until we have our own brick-and-mortar location. One day we envision a home similar to Terminal City. A heritage building in downtown Vancouver with all the amenities that will allow us to hold our book launches and Awards presentations and much more as well as be the permanent home of the foundation.

Like Terminal City it will be a membership-only club. There will be a dining room for members as well as guest suites above for out-of-town visitors. Other amenities will be unique to the club.


There will be a 1950s-style diner full of photos and memorabilia of the band’s tours abroad. The menu will be from the different European countries the boys visited in the 1960s.


There will be a replica of some famous English pub a sight which all the boys from the 1930s through the 1970s remember well and often mention in their diaries and scrapbooks. In those days there were four pubs on every corner and usually one in the middle of each block. The pub may be called The Dartmouth Arms.


On a lower level, there will be a museum honouring the band and other bands as well as all the fine high school music educators past and present that I have written about in several of my books.


There will be space available to accommodate gatherings of at least 100 people maybe more. These will be available to school and community arts groups at a minimal cost. They will include in-house catering that if you take we will not charge rent.


This will be located near or inside the museum and be a place where books on Vancouver’s arts history and unique personalities can be found.


The Hall of Fame will be a hallway where all the recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award will have their picture and a brief write-up hanging on the wall. It will lead to the Arthur W. Delamont Performance Stage.


This will be a small venue theatre for groups no larger than a jazz ensemble maybe fifteen players.


If everything goes as planned in the next few years and money is not an issue we will look at purchasing a property in the downtown area and building a condo tower. On the bottom level of the tower will be the club. The first few floors above the club will be guest suites for VIP guests and groups from out of town. I envision a program where high school musical groups from across the country can be invited on a regular basis to Vancouver and stay in the guest suites above the club. The foundation will arrange a schedule of concerts for them while they are in Vancouver. I am sure even today that many high school bands don’t even consider a trip to Vancouver because the costs are too high and this will only get worse in the future. The condos above will be sold and the profits go to the foundation to sustain its programs and develop new ones promoting public school music programs. Some floors may even incorporate a hotel.


If a condo tower is built one day on the grounds around it we will try to have room to build an outdoor bandstand where concerts can be held for community, school and visiting groups year-round.

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