The Mighty Rebel Band

I want to feature on this site, public school music programs worldwide that embody the spirit, legacy and commitment that Arthur Delamont did with his Vancouver Kitsilano Boys Band. This first high school music program that I want to tell you about, I have known about for a few years. It hales from Legacy High School in Midland, Texas and is called The Mighty Rebel Band.

When looking for public school music programs that are of a high calibre, exceptional and built on the same principles as the VKBB, we only need to look south of the border with the US and there are so many from which to choose. Music education in US public schools started long before it did in Canada. But this one I feel is really special.

Imagine a high school with a Fine Arts Department that has a strong band, choral, orchestra and theatre program. Well, I’ll let them tell you what their philosophy is all about.


The fine arts incorporate the study of dance, music, theatre, and the visual arts to offer unique experiences and empower students to explore realities, relationships, and ideas. These disciplines engage and motivate all students through active learning, critical thinking, and innovative problem-solving. The fine arts develop cognitive functioning and increase student academic achievement, higher-order thinking, communication, and collaboration skills, making the fine arts applicable to college readiness, career opportunities, workplace environments, social skills, and everyday life. Students develop aesthetic and cultural awareness through exploration, leading to creative expression. 

Not bad for the high school level! Here’s what they have to say in their band room.

Welcome To The Band Room

        The study and performance of music is an opportunity our young people of today truly need! It is not our goal to make professional musicians of our students, but rather to enable them to fully enjoy the life-long benefits of music.
         Recent studies prove that students participating in music are among the academically strongest in their schools. The skills learned in our school band program – self-discipline, increased self-esteem, group cooperation, commitment, responsibility, and teamwork are reflected in successful adult life.​         Knowing that great performances are the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure, the opportunity to enjoy a new level of communication and self-expression is the goal of every young musician. Creativity is within all of us and the language of music serves as a perfect vehicle to allow for this personal growth and development.

This is a music program that knows how to market itself. Just look at its website. So with no further adieu, I present to you,

*If anyone knows of a strong band program that embodies the principles of the VKBB and Arthur Delamont, please tell me about it and/or forward me a link for consideration for future feature stories.

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