The School Music Book Project

The School Music Book Project develops a book on a school’s music program past and present. The material comes from different sources. If you are lucky your school music department will have scrapbooks or at least historical photographs, programs, trip itineraries and newspaper clippings which can be used. If not material will have to come from alumni of the program past and present.

The second part of the Project is compiling an alumni and friends list for the music program. Each alumnus or friend will be asked to donate two hundred and fifty dollars over five years (fifty dollars a year) to help support the music program. When the books are published every alumni and friend who has signed up will receive a copy of the book. Each year when the book is published it will have been updated with that year’s graduating class. If someone doesn’t want a book they can find someone else who wants to support the program and give them their copy.

Five hundred alumni and friends will earn the music program ten thousand dollars each year for five years. One thousand alumni will earn the program twenty thousand dollars a year for five years so you see how it works. We encourage a school to try to compile at least five hundred alumni which really isn’t that hard. The ultimate goal is five thousand alumni. That will earn your music program one hundred thousand dollars a year for each of five years.

Who is in the book? Books usually begin with a high school music program but also include all the high school’s elementary feeder schools. The book will also include the entire music department: choral, band and orchestra, general music, guitar and other. If it is a big high school with a large music program and several feeder schools it will not take long before your alumni list starts to grow and grow as everyone will want to be included.