Arthur Delamont tells a reporter at the airport as he departs on his tenth tour of England and Europe in 1968 with his boy’s band that this may be his last trip. He is thinking of quitting the organization when he returns. He is upset because of a lack of support for the arts in Vancouver and Canada. City Council only gave him $1000 towards his trip, which barely pays for one boy’s airfare, not 39. He says he will let him know upon his return.

 During the summer, places, events and people remind him of past trips, and he begins to remember through flashbacks. The whole band story unfolds through flashbacks. It gets to the point that his memories become so real that they start to invade the present, and he sees old boys sitting in the audience at his concerts, and they begin to talk to him. The past boys all have the same message, which they tell him in the end. You’ve done too much good. Don’t quit!

 It works really well and is about two hours long. I wrote it for Tom Hanks as a 76-year-old Mr. D. I take Mr. D a little out of character as he never talked about the past to anyone. On this trip, he tells one of the younger boys about some of his past travels.

 Overall, the message is that you must remember the past to know where to go in the future. It is a story about coming of age, the end of life, and the education of youth.

It is called One Beautiful Summer.

To read Part 1, click on the PDF below. The rest of the story is available on request to directors, producers, production companies and investors.

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