All students should receive some musical training during their formative years. It is well researched that students who receive musical training are happier and more able to cope with stress in later life. The lucky students are the ones that receive lots of musical training.

Why is it then that when ever funding needs to be cut to school programs it always seems to be the arts programs that get cut first? There are lots of reasons but the point is they shouldn’t. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if music programs could chart their own financial destiny? I have thought about this a lot and have come to the conclusion that they can.

Through the School Music Book Project, the Arthur Delamont Foundation is making it possible for public school music programs to raise money annually for their programs. No longer do schools need to worry about the rug being pulled out from underneath them resulting in a loss of part or all of their long established and beloved music program due to a lack of funding.

With the ability to raise large sums of money who knows to what heights the Arts and Music Programs might rise to in the future. I think music education in our public school system is just in its infancy and we will soon see it make great strides never before thought possible.

The School Music Book Project also creates a support system of alumni and friends to assure the continued success of the music program in the future. No school left behind is one of our mottos! Every public school can take part no matter how small its music program.

Christopher Best

Founder and CEO

The Arthur Delamont Foundation


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